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Over the last few years I have been battling with my pool.  I have used chlorine, and many other products, even those with a money-back guarantee, with little or no effect.  Taking the cost of these products into account, I had reached the point where I was strongly considering emptying my pool, and filling it with sand.
Luckily a friend of mine introduced me to Activator D, giving it a raving report, and stated that upon administering it to a pool, you could literally see it taking effect.  I purchased your product, and was amazed at its effectiveness. Thus I wish to thank you for finally providing pool owners with a product that really works, which does not ruin your monthly budget.
It is my most sincere hope that your product will be available for many years to come.

L.G. Mokopane.




24 Jan 2011

I had a heated 100,000 litre fibreglass salt pool built on the farm three years ago, originally with a chlorinator.  Only when it kept going green after each shower did the installer tell me that actually the chlorinator was too small to cope with such a big pool, and that there wasn’t a more powerful one on the market.  After much to-ing and fro-ing the pool shop put in a new chlorinator and that didn’t solve the issue either.
Eventually about 18 months ago we decided to turn off the chlorinator and try chlorine.  That worked for about six months and then it went belly-up again.  The best we could ever manage was a kind of cloudy powder blue and nothing we subsequently put in – algaecide, peroxide, shock treatment – made any difference.
We were saved by a tenant at our house in Hilton who found John  M. and used him to maintain our small pool there.  John came out to the farm and took a sample, then treated it with Activator D.  Within two weeks we had a crystal clear, blue pool and that has continued to date. 

A.C. Lidgetton.




Het gedink dit is weer net ‘n foefie en geld maak storie.
Activator D werk wonderlik, het nie weer enige alge of probleme gehad nie, en het my kostes met 80% per maand gesny.

K.K. Potchefstroom.



26 Nov 2009

After experimenting with various pool products I used Activator D and got immediate results.  Living in an area with high volumes of electrical storms, I know that many pool owners are struggling to keep their swimming pools in good condition.  It was so refreshing to use a product and eventually achieve success – and this with so little effort.  Based on the above I truly believe that there is a market for your product in my area.......

P.B. Roodekrans


 15 July 2009

I have been battling with pools for years, never really managed to stop the water from going “green” regularly.   A friend recommended ACTIVATOR D, I was hesitant and did not believe what she told me about the product. 

Well, she FORCED ME to try it, and I am glad she did. Since then, my pool has not given me any problems, come Summer come Winter, the pool is sparkling and clean. I am so sorry that I did not learn about the product much sooner!

Walter H. Guyer
Westdene / Benoni


9 Apr 2009

Good Day,

I am attaching a photo of our Activator D pool.
Having a pool is a pleasure, once you have discovered Activator D.
Thank you for a BRILLIANT product.

Laurette Schuster


17 Jan 2009.

Thrilled with the product, needed to add two packs (large pool, big mess), looks better every day, thank you.  Have already recommended the product to two friends in the area, .....

W.G. Benoni.


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