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" no dissatisfied clients."


Pool maintenance
specialist, and
developer of
activator D-
Dudley Magill

activator D was not developed in a laboratory, but in normal conditions at the poolside. Being disappointed in the action of pool chemicals he was using in his pool maintenance business, Dudley sought the help of 2 chemical engineer friends and started experimenting with various chemicals.

He wanted something that was safe, economical, eco-friendly and super-effective - particularly in preventing pools turning green. Also, something which would not stain the pool walls!

He came up with the chemical components, a powder-mix and a liquid, and over the months perfected the formula for swimming pools. He has been using the product now for almost three years, in many school, hotel and private pools, and can say with candour that he has no dissatisfied clients.

"activator D is sold through agents, 
rather than going the big-store retail-route, 
and in the process a number of businesses are taking off."


Then an old friend used it for the first time and was so impressed that he suggested exporting the product through one of his companies. This was the first Dudley realised that there is a market out there. With this he named the product 'activator D', and had the product licenced.

In the meantime a number of folk expressed an interest in becoming agents to sell activator D as friends and neighbours had remarked on the great condition of their pools.

Because of the amazing word-of-mouth advertising that was evident, Dudley decided to continue selling
activator D through agents, rather than going the big-store retail-route, and in the process a number of businesses are taking off.

"Chlorine does
not kill algae,
only bleaches


The product comes in two bottles - a powder and a liquid - totalling 850 grams. This is enough for a 50,000 litre pool for one month. It is safe, environmentally friendly, economical and very effective.

A neglected pool will need a double-dose to start off, but this will effectively kill the algae and clear the water in a few days. Black algae will disappear over a few weeks, and should be brushed off the walls. (Chlorine does not kill algae, only bleaches it; this is why during a storm the chlorine is drawn from the water and the algae is once again visible, turning the water green.)

activator D does not hurt eyes or skin, and swimming costumes last longer. It is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, non-corrosive and chlorine-free, and pool run-off water should not damage plants.

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